Do you have a good and unique idea? At Thesio we like to get to work on your issue and with our entrepreneurial approach we like to challenge you. Thesio makes your concept stronger.

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Digital strategy

Strategic advice from experienced online entrepreneurs

How do you get your concept, digital strategy or digitalization off to a flying start? What is the right business model, now but also in the future? We help you make strategic choices and create a sustainable business model. In doing so, we provide both solicited and unsolicited advice and connect you with our digital partners if desired.

UX design

Experienced UX/UI designers

The user is central to our development processes, but we understand that user requirements must always be weighed against technical possibilities and business goals. Our teams work iteratively together to find this sweet-spot.

What makes a digital product really good? First of all, that it really solves a problem, of course: do people want to use my product? Only then can we talk about usability: can people use my product? A good product really solves a problem and works intuitively.


A prototype for each stage of development

Do you want to start working on an MVP right away, or is your first step to build a clickable prototype? Based on our knowledge and experience we can provide you with what you need in every phase of your product development. A flashy sales pitch and prototype to raise an initial investment or an MVP to create traction for your product launch.

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