Development of a custom software application for Digizeker.

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Development of a custom software application for Digizeker.


Development of a custom software application for Digizeker.

Stealth Project


Development of a custom software application for Digizeker.

In short

We developed the new Digizeker platform. The secure digital vault for private and business use.


Digizeker is a Dutch product that focuses on offering a secure digital safe. This is where you store your confidential data and determine who has access to parts of your personal safe.


From a renewed focus of Digizeker, Thesio was asked to develop a renewed application. Focused on providing the right information for interested parties, a user-friendly onboarding and of course the easy management of your own digital safe.


Security is the basis within this application and for us, next to usability, the most important starting point for the construction of this application.


The application is built in modern and proven technology and features end-to-end encryption. As a user you can share your files with friends or family, but also assign a notary who will share these files with designated persons after your death.

Data integrations
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This application is developed in our Microsoft technology stack. The files that are stored in the vault are end-to-end encrypted. As a result, only you or the users you explicitly grant access to can read these files.

Microsoft .NET Core

.NET Core is the latest cross-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS), open-source Microsoft framework with tools and libraries for building custom applications (e.g. web applications). The Microsoft technology stack is mature, stable, proven and widely used.

Microsoft Blazor

Blazor is the latest cross-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS) web framework for realising front-ends (user interfaces) in C#, HTML and JavaScript. It is flexible because it can be used for both web development and mobile development.

Microsoft Azure

Het extensieve Azure cloud platform bevat producten en diensten om applicaties te kunnen bouwen, draaien, deployen en beheren. Het platform is breed in te zetten bij de ontwikkeling van onze maatwerk applicaties en custom integraties.


PostgreSQL is an open source database. It has earned a strong reputation for reliability, robustness and performance.


In Single Page Applications, communication between the front and back-end is crucial. GraphQL allows us to retrieve exactly the information that is important at that moment. It also enables tooling that eliminates common mistakes and speeds up development.

Mollie (PSP)

Mollie is one of the fastest growing Payment Service Providers in Europe. Through Mollie, you can easily offer various local payment methods in the check-out, all integrated on the BigCommerce platform.

Robin van den Burg
CEO Digizeker

Very happy with Thesio. A professional pragmatic party with pleasant people who helped us in technique and approach with custom development to a user-friendly scalable and secure solution for our customers.

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