Realisation of a PWA as a digital match form for rugby.



Realisation of a PWA as a digital match form for rugby.

Rugby Match Form PWA Software


Realisation of a PWA as a digital match form for rugby.

Stealth Project


Realisation of a PWA as a digital match form for rugby.

In short

We developed a mobile digital contest form commissioned by AllUnited that is generic and multilingual.

Application for matches - team composition and scorekeeping


Our client AllUnited offers many services for federations and associations in various sports. One of their services (competition module) focuses on the use of a digital match form (DWF) during competition....


We were asked to build an application to be used initially during the rugby league. Both in preparation (match management and team composition approval), during the match (scorekeeping and event logging) and after the match for the approval of results and cards by all parties.


We developed the front-end application to connect seamlessly with the AllUnited environment. In that environment all matters are managed by the clubs around teams, players and dispensations, but ultimately it is also the environment where all results are recorded. In addition, such a mobile application must be easy to use, especially on mobile given the use of the application by referees and coaches during a match.


In consultation with AllUnited, we chose to develop a PWA. With this, the ease of use, especially on mobile comes into its own. This gave us plenty of room in the UX/Design process to come up with a modern, clear and user-friendly application.

Data integrations
No items found.


The solution we built is a data-driven app and we use MobX as a state-management system. This allows us to store the data locally. Combined with a service worker that we use to install the app as a PWA, this makes the app available offline. This allows the user to adjust a lineup (locally) even if you are temporarily without internet. To search for players or save/confirm, you obviously need a connection.


React provides flexibility and the extensive ecosystem - with healthy competition between libraries - ensures that there is always a library to accelerate the development of our customised applications.

Amazon Web Services

The scale and breadth of services offered by AWS allows us to build a reliable and scalable infrastructure that fits the requirements of any custom solution.


Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) from Amazon Web Services. Content delivery networks provide a globally distributed network of proxy servers that cache content more locally with consumers, improving performance.


We use GitLab as a tool to bring applications live in an AWS environment from collaborative development in a fast and quality way and manage code consistently within the team.

Jeroen van Es
CEO AllUnited

The cooperation but, above all, thinking along to create an innovative but, above all, user-friendly interface has resulted in a beautiful and valuable product.

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